Jonathan Zawada

Affordances Limited Edition


Affordances Limited Edition is a tall side table design based on the designer Jonathan Zawada's original vision of combining essential forms with simplified construction. Each Limited Edition is made from a combination of three pieces of marble, granite, and the occasional piece of synthetic stone. All Editions are made in a set of 10.  

We currently have two options in the Affordances Limited Edition; one made of Diano Reale, Fossil Brown, and Black Agadir marble and the second option made of Pink Rosalia, Azul Bahia, and Green Belize marble.

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Dimensions - Tall:
Dia 18” x H 24”
Dia 45.7cm x H 61cm

Dimensions - Short:
Dia 15” x H 17.5”

Dia 38.1cm x H 44.5cm

↓ Spec Sheet - Edition No. 1 
↓ Spec Sheet - Edition No. 2
Installation Instructions